Find Inner Peace Among Chaos

Hey, my beasties!

It's been a while (about a year now) that we have been in contact with each other. I think we all know why, so I won't even go on from here about that.

Moving forward - metal-tations will start up again.

And, soon.

Here are a couple of things to know about this delightfully, dastardly gathering of beasts.

1) The biggest reason why I am not doing more with this: The streaming rights of music. Look into it. Let me know if there are ways to still do what I LOVE without losing my house. ASCAP, BMI, Google/Youtube all of those places keep me from streaming legally.

2) Covid, and the gathering of physical bodies.

3) I have taken this time to shift the crap out of my business. I have online classes now which will be killer for you to look into. Until we can figure these changes out, start there.

What your options are at this moment?

Know that soon, very soon they will start up in person again. YES, you will have to come to Boise, Idaho, but it will be so bitchin' you'll be beyond the moon.

Want me to come to you? I need a venue with music rights offered. Just give me a call, we will talk.