Hands On Sessions

Delight In Skin Of Silken Health

Facials: kissed by mother nature by using award winning, organic, conscious skincare. Your skin will be smooth and clear, free of brown spots and fine lines, firm and protected. Facial, neck and shoulder muscles are eased into graceful serenity. With total comfort, walk away with skin and routines to boost and sustain you in life.

Connect On The Wheels Of Balance From Within

Your journey of Chakra Balancing begins with placing unique crystals on targeted areas of your body - on your seven primary chakras.

Through Time And Space Quantum Actions Heal

Distant Chakra Balancing sessions utilize the ability of energy to travel so that you can feel the effects of treatments no matter where in the world you live.

Energy Healing For Life Lived To Maximum Potential.

Energy Healing excites, activates and unites your W.H.O.L.E. self. Flowing freely in you, you glow and smile. Happy and vibrant living, life at full tilt.

Quantum Connections Through Distance Energy Healing And Reiki Bring Resonance Of Vitality To Your Life.

Distance Energy Healing excites the cells in your body the same way energy excites gas particles in a neon sign to make it glow. When energy flows freely in you, you glow with radiant health. Energy Healing is a technique that harnesses the principle of energy transference between healer (me) and client (you). Invite more energy into your body to activate your vitality.

Chi = Internal Vitality = Breath

The simple back and forth motion of a Chi Machine elicit a gentle massage in your spine, head and neck. Releasing aches and pains throughout your whole body, while activating your internal chi. As with any massage and energy invigoration, this has the benefits of relieving stress, anxiety, insomnia and poor sleep habits.