Today Made Easier

Tomorrow Made Calmer

Meditation Made Easy, and Bitchin' for Life

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    Life made bitchin'

    Today made clearer

    Tomorrow made easier

    Imagine laying in your backyard, looking at the clouds billow overhead. Your kids are playing together, even if they are screaming while running around enjoying the warm day. You know you can enjoy this moment with calm clarity.

    💙Taking time to confidently and easily chill, is effortless.

    💙Badass dreams of sitting on a mountain top cool as a cucumber become reality.

    💙Keep chill when life goes crazy.

    Flow becomes the bitchin' flavor of the day...the week...your lifetime.

    I can't tell you how many times I have heard this throughout my years of guiding others in meditation.

    But, I am not able to meditate!

    Well, what if we call it something else?

    Something like …

    Chill time.

    Calm the eff down.

    Finding inner relaxation.

    Becoming centered.

    Tranquility of the mind.

    Something that will resonate with your badass self.

    Meditate with Confidence and Ease

    Tranquility, nurtured through meditation

    Living with the confidence to meditate is empowering. Ya just gotta get there, dude.

    Knowing the basics of calming your body and mind is life altering. It is one of the oldest forms of self healing, so ummmm, duh, something has to be cool with it.

    Knowing, where and how to sit comfortably is part of meditation.

    Knowing how to use your breath to work with you.

    Stress and anxiety fly away.

    Smile with your kids instead of yelling at them.

    Even if you think you can't.

    Even if you have tried for years.

    Confidence, to easily meditate

    What to expect from this online course?

    Finding your seated center - Where to sit - inside and outside.

    • How to sit - Easing back, neck and hip pains.

    Finding your breathing center - Breathing, to fully release body tensions. And nurture total calm. Tame that inner beast.

    Finding your center - Clearing your brain chatter - Make it stop, make it stop, OMG the brain chatter. Trust me darlin', we will.

    Finding your intentional center - Help the bitchin' badass in you slow down, find clarity and meditate.

    “Colleen, After All Of My Years Saying, ‘I Can’t Meditate.’ I Now Know That I Can, Because Of You.” Z.W. Colorado USA

    What is the end result of taking this course?

    Comfortably know that, "YES I CAN MEDITATE" = Beast tamed.

    Calmly take the time to enjoy the clouds passing overhead = Dorky, yet soothing.

    Reduced brain chatter. The tools to make it go away when it does rear its annoying head = The skies have parted and the celestial beings are singing how brilliant you are. Aaahhhhh!!!!!

    Follow Your Instincts Into Your Version Of RADICAL CALM

    • The tools to meditate whenever you choose.
    • Love being present in the lives of your wonderful children. (How better to help your kids grow into amazing, cool adults than for you to be a super cool adult now? One that is chilled out.)
    • Everything becomes easier.

    Piece by piece, we will build your meditative space so it is second nature. Each lesson details a building block to effective meditation, and ends with practices to explore and find your best personal meditation practice.

    Goin' with the flow in life

    Life has ups and downs. No s*#t. Be comfortable with those flows by having the confidence to love the treasure of your inner chill.

    Nap time for the kids, becomes the time to meditate. Go, and grow with that flow, my friend!

    “I Now Regularly Meditate, Outdoors Even. I Feel So Much More Engaged With My Family. Colleen, You Have Changed My Life.” JL Boise, Idaho.

    Confidently meditate in 5, descriptive step by step courses.

    • Housed in my Thinkific online wellness school - Wholistic Wellness with Colleen Fletcher.
    • Easily know where and how to sit. 
    • How to engage your body with your breath
    • Learn how to simply find your inner silence and calm your brain chatter
    • Engage your body, mind and spirit with positive affirmations. This is so easy and effective - honest!
    • Videos to guide you.
    • Downloadable worksheets. 
    • Action steps to incorporate each section of learning.

    The beauty of this online course is, once you learn the information, meditate anywhere is going with your personal flow.

    • In a park
    • Indoors
    • Outdoors
    • On a plane
    • With a friend
    • With your pet
    • Kids are learning this in school - try it with them.
    • With a tree - I even have a regular meditation with trees.
    • The tranquil places around the world that you choose to enjoy.

     I close my eyes and drift away for a few minutes. When I open my eyes, my body is soothed from my aches and pains, and my brain easily finds focus. OMG, this is so awesome.

    And now .... a bit about me

    I will be totally honest with you. I do not know what it is like to have never been exposed to meditation, nor what it is like to, not sit calmly, with focus. Being that I began to meditate at the age of 7, yes, seven years old. 

    What I can tell you is this. Throughout the years, through the ups and downs of life, I always fall back on these basics.

     Do I find it difficult at times to calm my brain of its chatter? UMMMM, hell yes, I do. 

    What do I tell myself? “Go sit, go be with nature, take two deep breaths into your low back and belly. Allow your shoulders to drop.” Sometimes, I even tell myself that I am a jackass for not calming my brain and body more, but that's another story. Even when I think I’m a dork for not meditating more, I have the confidence in KNOWING that, when I do, I will find my calm.

    Even I need to go back to the basics to enjoy my own simple way of engaging within. This is where I start, every time!!!!

    I have taught countless beginners in meditation throughout the 27 years of my business. And continue to teach and guide them when they are no longer beginners in chilling out. This I know; they now meditate with confidence. They appreciate the simple ways of starting a lifelong journey into Chill Time, into Meditating with Confidence and Ease.

    What does it cost to change your life? With me, with this course, right now.


    Remember your backyard? Lying down, listening to your kids playing, enjoying their lives. BRILLIANT

    Knowing, trusting in your ability to meditate (oh wait, it's called chill the eff out) comfortably. BITCHIN'

    Knowing where and how to sit, how to have thoughts filled with beauty instead of chatter, chatter and more chatter. BLOOM

    Enjoy small, grand moments in life. BOLD

    F**k, I can finally calm my brain down. BLISS

    Tranquility. Calm. Self Trust.

    • Confidently meditate in five simple, descriptive step-by-step lessons.
    • Calmly learn how to engage your body with the power of your breath.
    • Effortlessly find your inner silence and ease that annoying, self limiting brain chatter.